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PInT Branding

Over the past school year, I worked on creating a new brand identity for PInT, Olin College's Public Interest Technology chapter.

PInT is a student run project team that provides opportunities to engage with the social impact of technology while developing engineering skills.​

I first worked on leading the redesign of the logo. Then, I outlined logo usage, color palette, and font usage in a branding guideline. I used the brand guidelines to create flyers for for various events.


Graphic design, Branding


Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, Photoshop

Design Process

Throughout the logo design process, I researched brands of similar clubs and organizations and had conversations with the club organizers to get feedback and understand our club values.


Look at branding for other Public Interest Tech groups on other campuses and clubs at Olin

Research non profit logos and branding

Complete Minimum Viable Brand workshop 

Look at branding guidelines for other universities and organizations


Sketch 30+ logo ideas​

Use Adobe Illustrator to digitize logo ideas​

Receive feedback at design reviews and iterate


Consolidate logo usage, color palette, and typography in a branding guideline document

Old Logo


What we liked:

  • Ice cream reference is cute

  • Stamp-look allows universal application

  • Circular shape

  • Bright colors

What we didn't like:

  • Looks like we are trying to eat the world

  • Doesn't give an idea of what PInT is

  • More cute than professional

  • Mismatched visual language 

Logo Sketches

I created several logo sketches for different themes and ideas we wanted to capture.

Ice Cream Related
logo sketches_Page_1.png
logo sketches_Page_8.png
Light bulb / connection
logo sketches_Page_4.png
Olin Phoenix
Phoenix and hand
logo sketches_Page_3.png
logo sketches_Page_5.png
logo sketches_Page_6.png
logo sketches_Page_2.png

Vector Art Logos

Iteration 1

For our first design review, we presented 6 different logo ideas to member of PInT's organizing team for feedback. We then applied the feedback and narrowed down the number of ideas

pint logo spring feedback_Page_1.png
pint logo spring feedback_Page_5.png
pint logo spring feedback_Page_2.png
pint logo spring feedback_Page_3.png
pint logo spring feedback_Page_4.png
pint logo spring feedback_Page_6.png
Final Iteration

Between the first iteration and the final one, we presented logo designs 4 different times and iterated upon our ideas. We narrowed it down to a phoenix logo (which shows more Olin College) and the technology/world logo (which shows more of Public Interest Technology

Design_Review_2_2- Logo 1.png
Design_Review_2_2- Logo 2.png

Final Logo

PInT Logo_Horizontal-03.png
Logo_On dark.png
Logo_On color.png
Logo_Simplified Vertical.png
Logo_No text regular.png
Logo_On dark sticker.png
Fina Logo

Branding Guideline

Once we finalized the logo, I created a branding guideline with logo variations, logo usage, color palette, and typography.

Branding Guidelines-01.jpg
Brand Guide

Branding Materials

Flyers Final-04.png
Flyers Final-05.png
Better Tech Career Fair (2)-01.png
Fellowship Celebration Flyers 2-01.png
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