PInT Branding

I worked on creating a new brand identity for PInT, Olin College's Public Interest Technology chapter. PInT is a student run project team that provides opportunities to engage with the social impact of technology while developing engineering skills. I first worked on leading the redesign of the logo. Then, I outlined logo usage, color palette, and font usage in a branding guideline. I used the brand guidelines to create flyers for for various events.

Tools and Skills: Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Brand Identity

Design Process


Branding for Student Groups

Looked at branding for student clubs at Olin and other Public Interest Technology groups on other campuses.

Brand Workshop

As a team, we completed the minimum viable brand workshop to identify the why, brand values and personality, the audience, and other elements to get alignment on PInT's brand identity.

Brand Identity

Logo Redesign

Sketch 30+ logo ideas, digitize designs using Adobe Illustrator, recieve feedback at design reviews, and iterate designs.

Branding Guidelines

Create a branding guideline document that outlines logo usage, variations, color palette, and typography.