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UX/UI Designer, Engineer, Human-centered Designer, Bobarista
I enjoy designing meaningful and elegant experiences developed from a deep understand of people

My projects

Spore Spray

As part of the Collaborative Design course at Olin, I collaborated with 4 other students on a semester long project to create a futuristic design solution for a key challenge that park rangers face. We completed a full discovery and engaged with the design process through user research, co-design, and ideating phases in a studio environment guided by our course instructors.

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BOW Project Marketplace

BOW Project Marketplace is a website concept that empowers project seekers and project creators within the BOW community to connect and strengthen the Babson-Wellesley-Olin community. The BOW (Babson, Olin, Wellesley) community is 3 college campuses within 3 miles of each other. This results in a variety of passions and skills carried by students across these campuses, but there currently is no platform to easily connect these students for cross-campus collaboration.

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PInT Brand Identity

I worked on creating a new brand identity for PInT, Olin College's Public Interest Technology chapter. I led a logo redesign with multiple rounds of iteration and created the branding guideline.

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About Me


I'm currently studying Human Centered Design at Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts, where I'll be graduating in Spring 2024.

As a designer and engineer, I have a passion for creating meaningful and seamless experiences for people through elegant usable interfaces. I strive to make design decisions based off a deep understanding of people.

I have experience working as a UX/UI Designer at Amazon and Nuance Communications, a Microsoft company. I've gained a deep understanding of high-performing teams, design processes, and technical skills in the workforce and through my projects at Olin College.

Tools: Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud,, HTML/CSS, Python

Skills: User Reserach, Wireframing, Prototyping, Brand Identity, Collaboration with Partner Teams, Usability Testing

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